Mission Statement:


I will do my very best to help those starting out in the difficult field of amateur astronomy to make the right choices when selecting equipment.


I will give advice that is considered and thought through to the best of my ability with an explanation of how I arrived at my conclusion.


I will use examples and/or analogies wherever they might help understanding of a problem, sticking-point, misconception or confusion.


I will exercise understanding and generosity when communicating with queries and will not make anyone feel silly, stupid or ignorant.  Everyone has to learn, and the science of Astronomy is an area where it is easy to have misconceptions and beliefs that are not born out by experience – My mission is to educate, not ridicule.




Clear skies and good seeing, Barry Cooper  (SuperCooper)





            Me and my SkyWatcher 102ST f4.9 Refractor


Thanks for your guide on eBay which helped me buy the right telescope.



Hello, Barry,

I wanted to thank you one last time for all the help you gave me, and for bringing the Mak150 to my attention as well, so thanks! Hope you'll have a nice day~


Hello again!
Thanks for all your help when I was choosing my telescope. I finally decided on the SkyWatcher 150mm and have been very impressed with it.



Hi Barry, I have been reading your guide to telescopes and often refer back to your guide having done some research. Many thanks for the guide.


Hi, I really enjoyed reading your info on telescopes. I think I have absorbed most of it. I am looking to buy my first telescope. So, Thanks :)

Kirk P


Hi there, I've just read your really helpful guide about choosing your first telescope. Thank you for helping me navigate through the minefield of telescopes out there! I've been casting my eyes upwards towards the evening sky for a few years now, so it's time to take the plunge.  Many thanks for your time and advice.
Paul B


Excellent and informative article. Best information on the web for anyone looking for a telescope. Thank you

June W


Hello. Your guide to buy a telescope is the best I've read so far. I'm looking to buy a telescope for my boyfriend. He's super interested in space and has been taking courses in astronomy - but has never been near a telescope! So he'll be happy about this gift - IF I get it right.

Anna-Karin T


Hello Barry. I came across your article before and from the very beginning I understood that this is something unique - all the neccessary information, examples and explanations on how to choose the telescope in one place. And for amateurs (and again not only) that are making their first steps in stargazing with telescope this is crutial. I rememmber my self 10 years ago trying to find out what kind of telescope do I need and the information was spread all over the internet, different books and etc. It caused a great confusion. After all I managed to buy a good scope but out there is a lot of people, that may not be so lucky and may be loosing the interest in astronomy just because of bad experience with their new telescopes. I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate your efforts! Keep on the good work [and I see you are keeping it up by updating the article]!



Excellent article, written for beginners. (Complete Essentials)

Tony B


Very helpful thank you now going to look for an 8".

Roger M


Thanks, your guide has been super helpful!



Your guide to astronomical telescopes is outstanding!

I was looking for resolution comparisons for different aperture sizes and your guide came up which was very helpful.



Hi there, I found your guide to telescopes very helpful.



Hey, Barry. Just read your article on buying the right telescope. Thanks so much mate. Really helpful.



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